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About MOOC Conservation

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MOOC Conservation, a product by IUCN-Papaco

The Programme on African Protected areas & Conservation (PAPACO) is a programme of IUCN’s Protected and Conserved Areas (PCA) team. Its vision is to improve the management and governance of parks and reserves in Africa, and thereby increase their positive impact in terms of biodiversity conservation.

Papaco has three main approaches:

  • Build the capacities of protected area managers and their partners through training programmes at different scales, on PA management and governance, onsite (Masters’ and University Diploma) and online on
  • Share information and improve knowledge on the continent’s protected areas through different means: monthly newsletter (NAPA – News from African Protected Areas), social networks, publishing targeted studies on key topics, adapting   /translating tools developed the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and other partners.
  • Raise awareness among the new generation in Africa through, a platform dedicated to them.

In the context of its training programmes, Papaco works closely with Senghor University. Overall, experts from IUCN’s different commissions are mobilised for other activities.

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Chaque mois, l’UICN-Papaco publie les Nouvelles des aires protégées d’Afrique. Vous y retrouverez toute l’actu MOOC Conservation, les informations concernant les autres produits du Papaco et des articles traitant de la conservation en Afrique et dans le monde.

Pour recevoir la NAPA, remplissez le formulaire sur cette page.