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“Our MOOCs” refer to the MOOCs developed by IUCN Papaco. These free online intend to train stakeholders involved in the conservation of protected areas, and of nature in general, in Africa or elsewhere.

Seven MOOCs are available: Protected area management, Ecological monitoring, Law enforcement, Species conservation, Valorisation of resources and sustainable tourism, New technologies and Marine protected areas.

Attestation of success: learners who have achieved an average score of 75% or higher on the MOOC exams receive an immediately downloadable certificate of completion. Learners can add this certificate to their LinkedIn profiles.

Online Certificate: if a learner successfully completes all MOOCs, he or she can take an online proctored exam to receive a Certificate in Protected Area Conservation. This is a university diploma awarded by Senghor University.

The Essentials are a condensed version of the MOOCs designed to meet the specific needs of professionals in protected areas. We selected fifty MOOC videos per Essential for four levels of responsibilities:

Ranger Essential: one who executes orders
Manager-Law Essential: manager specialised in law enforcement
Manager-Research Essential: manager specialised in research
Leader Essential: decision-maker working outside protected areas (government ministry, NGO, etc.).

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