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What are MOOC Conservation ambassadors?

    Ambassadors running MOOC Conservation hub

    MOOC Conservation is growing and attracting more and more learners (+120,000). Given this situation, we wanted to bring together those from the same regions so they could connect and share around MOOC Conservation matters and conservation in general. An ambassador is appointed to run these networks or hubs as we call them. What is the role of the ambassador and how do you become one?

    What is the role of MOOC Conservation ambassadors?

    An ambassador is a MOOC student who volunteers to manage a MOOC Conservation hub. His or her role is to manage this hub (or network), help students in difficulty and spread the word about MOOC Conservation using the means at his or her disposal. To do this, he or she can create WhatsApp, Facebook groups, etc., some organise face-to-face meetings, others organise online meetings, etc. There’s no fixed recipe: everyone does what they can, according to their abilities, regional specificities and preferences, but also according to their availability.

    What are the criteria to become ambassadors?

    To become an ambassador, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Be passionate about conservation
    • Have successfully completed at least one MOOC on
    • Have a good understanding of how works
    • Communicate well (written and spoken)
    • Able to run social networks well

    We also look at how many ambassadors are already in a country and how these already appointed ambassadors choose to run things.

    How to become an ambassador?

    If you think you can meet the challenge and spare a little time to help us, click on the button below to fill in the application form.